How Wiise Courses Work

Wiise courses are designed for the best online learning experience. Learners sign up for a  Premium Membership to access to all the courses across a wide range of categories. They learn courses at their own convenience, create projects to exercise what they’ve learned and interacted with each other from all around the globe. As an Instructor, you have an ability to create amazing learning experience for your learners.


Our Unique Pedagogy


1. On-demand, Micro-learning

In this competitive fast-paced digital world, taste-sized content is the proven to be easiest for learners to absorb, comprehend, and memorize. Wiise courses, on average, include 30-60 minutes of pre-recorded video content broken down into a series of short 30-60 minute videos. Hence your topic must focus on a particular Industry relevant  concept or skill, rather than a broad subject or topic. This digestible set-up allows for determined and engaged learning – anytime, anywhere.

For example:

Good Topic Bad Topic
Excel for Real world: Gain basic skills in Excel Excel for beginners
Build Website: Learn quick ways to launch website Web development basics
WOW your customers; things that must know Customer Service
Email Marketing, how to get most Clicks Email Marketing Course



2. Experiential Learning – Projects, Quizzes & Assessments

The primary objective as an Instructor is to ensure that your course must achieve the learning outcomes specified. Your learners are Millennials and their characteristics are different. More about Millennials here. For many Instructors, seeing their learner’s projects come to life is one of the most gratifying parts of their Instructor.

In order to provide experiential learning experience to your learners, you can add

  • Quizzes, at the end of every module or certain modules
  • Assessment, at the end of the course, to evaluate understanding of the learner
  • Project, a submission of project

Come & Join our hands to take the learning experience to a new pinnacle.


3. Social Gratification – Certification & more

Our learners require Social gratification that celebrates their new learning. We have built features that provides social gratification to them.

  • Course completion certificate, contains Instructor signature. This provides a satisfaction to both learner and instructor their learning has been impactful.
  • Instructors can share their learner success on the social channels. We encourage you to promote your course and its success in your social circles.